About Mug

The Story of Mug For Men Skin Care

The San Diego sun took its toll on my skin over the years and being a typical guy plus a former cop and special agent (that’s where the Mug as in "mug shot" came from), I figured I didn’t need any stinkin’ skin care products! But the big attitude adjustment came after Mohs Surgery to remove basil cell carcinoma on my face. So now what? All the men’s skin care products I found seemed to be a chemical soup. Nothing I wanted on my skin or in my body.

So, began a quest of biblical proportions to develop a natural, multi-vitamin type product for my skin. With the help of a skin care expert, we identified beneficial ingredients for skin care like Hemp and Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and dozens of vitamins, antioxidants and extracts and then crammed them into a damn good looking 4 oz. aluminum bottle. Now, I’m back to Protecting (skin) and Serving (my brothers) and cancer free for seven years!

Oh yeah, the Kevin Kenneth actor stuff. Well, after years of trying to find an actor to endorse my products with no luck, I figured I’d become an actor and endorse my own products. Brilliant!

Stay Healthy My Friends!